Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 2010 - The Movie Treatment

I don't think I mentioned in the blog that the nice fellow who called me that night in April at the Cameron trading post was a man of his word. He followed through on his promise to make something happen with the movie of the book.  About a month ago I got a phone call asking my permission to have a movie treatment made of the book. This is something that usually costs quite a bit of money, but thanks to the fact that a few special people loved and believed in the book, the momentum had begun.

Of course I said yes, but didn't hear anything more for a while. While wandering the web I happened upon a blog belonging to the writer who won the chance to write Georg's movie treatment. His name is Coy Lothrop. I loved his enthusiasm for the book.  The fact that Georg went on to become a lifelong artist especially appealed to him.

I got in touch with Coy via Facebook and we've been in communication. Finally, today, I received Coy's completed movie treatment, sent by Author Solutions.

It's kind of crazy around here right now, with Mexico celebrating two great anniversaries: the Revolution 200 years ago and the War for Independence 100 years ago. My B and B is overflowing and there are multiple events every day. Tomorrow, for example I'm going to be walking with thousands of other Adelitas (look it  up) from the boardwalk to othe plaza.

Being one of those who don't rip the wrappings off their Christmas gifts, but rather prefer to drag out the pleasure of the moment, I'm going to wait until the weekend when I hope to have some quiet time (elsewhere) to then read the movie treatment.