Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friends of the book

It's always nice to receive emails from fans. Some have received our book as a gift, others had it recommended by a friend, and many have simply discovered it on iUniverse.com, Amazon.com or one of the many other websites where it's for sale. But it's even more of a treat to meet a fan in person. Recently a Canadian couple (originally from Germany) were heading north from their winter vacation on Mexico's Pacific coast. The wife was determined that she wasn't going to leave Mexico before discovering Georg's home and studio on Lake Chapala. It wasn't easy finding us, but they were determined. Luckily we had a villa available for the night. The next morning, over breakfast on the terrace, I answered questions about Georg and the book which had been featured in the woman's Ontario book club. All of the women had been deeply moved by Georg's story.
This visit had a special side note: Friends of ours from Toronto had heard about our book being featured in the book club. They removed his paintings from their walls and put together a computer slide show about Georg, his work and home. This was then presented to the women of the club. I'd heard about the event, but never expected to meet one who had been there in person.