Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hi again, I mentioned in last months entry that The Jew with the Iron Cross is finally available on Kindle for just $6.00. What a bargain. After that success I noticed that yes, the book's on Kindle, but lacking all the 5 star reviews that are available on So after more mails and skyping, Amazon nicely put up the many great reviews. Now, of the two books with the same name, Georg's book holds the number 1 spot which it richly deserves.

It's always wonderful to receive an enthusiastic letter from a reader who has just discovered the our book. It was a special treat to hear from a woman, born the same year as Georg, who now lives in Toronto. I suspect that, if she wished, Karin Mumm could write an equally compelling book.

Hallo Phyllis

I was absolutely fascinated by your excellent  translation of this deeply  exciting book! I phoned twice, your maid gave me your e-mail yesterday and told me that your husband passed away about 3 years ago. Sorry to hear that, I hope he did not have to suffer too much. His greatest luck in life was that he found you.

Your book was given to me by a friend.--- I am Karin von Kuegelgen de Mumm  born 1924 in Monterrey/Mexico from German parents I think the same year as your husband's.  Since my Dad (a medical Dr) died in 1935 his last wish was to have the children educated in Germany.That was the reason we spend the years 1938-1945 in Freiburg i.Br. Germany.
Is the book also available in German.

How far is Jocotepec from Mexico City? How and how long would it take to go there by bus? I would love to spend a few days in your bed and breakfast.

Warm greetings, Karin

After I answered Karin, I received some additional, interesting information:
"Great we made contact. Thank you for your kind letter. On Nov. 3rd I will think of your courageous George.on Nov. 5th  1935 my dad died in Mexico....
How I would have loved to talk with your husband!!! He mentioned Roda Wieser the graphologist,his mother's friend, she was also my aunt's friend who was also a graphologist and I have a book of hers.--I was soooo glad to read that after all his suffering he finally could reunite with his mother!!!"

I look forward to more contact with Karin and maybe even a face to face meeting in Mexico? I'm always fascinated by life's coincidences, as in this case with the Roda Wieser connection. As we say in German, Die Welt ist Klein.