Thursday, September 2, 2010

May 2010 LA Times Book Festival at UCLA Campus

Lucky me! According to my publisher I was the last one to sign up for the prestigious LA Times Book Festival. By waiting so long I got a special deal, but since I understood that it was "first come, first served," I feared that my own book signing would probably take place at midnight. But, lucky again, I got a great midday hour.

The publisher provided the books for free, and each of us at the booth had one hour to sign 75 books. Quickly calculating, it was clear that we would be signing each book within less than a minute. Amazingly, I managed not only to sign 71 books in my hour, but I felt I had also smiled, made eye contact, answered questions,and enjoyed all the different ages, races, and economic classes of each person who was also smiling while tucking The Jew with the Iron Cross into his or her festival bag.

I was on in bed at the Cameron Trading Post in the middle of the Navajo Nation, when I received an email from a new enthusiastic reader. He said (as have many others) that Georg's book must be made into a movie. He also promised to contact people he knew who could possible make this happen. Very exciting, to say the least.