Thursday, September 2, 2010


Wed, June 30, 2010 10:16:08 AM
from Sweden re. your book

Lars Gyllenhaal [Chat now]

Dear Mr. Rauch,

Your book has made a very strong impression on me. I am so grateful that you went through all the trouble of writing it.

I am a member of the Swedish Union of Authors as well as an elected lifetime member of the Swedish Military History Commission and write books and conduct research for TV-documentaries - mainly about WWII. My main website in English is:

Recently my previous book was published in English:

One of those portrayed most extensively in the book is Nils Rosén, a Swedish "Mischling" who in 1943 volunteered for the Wehrmacht and was accepted (he hid his Jewish ancestry, naturally). Like you he served in Ukraine and Romania. He passed away just last year. A fine man, who, of course, was sad to have volunteered.

The maps in our book are by Tom Houlihan - but he was not the one who told me about you. I found you through some google search because of Bryan Mark Rigg´s books, that I have reviewed.

Now, my question to you is if you still hold the Swedish rights for your book, yourself? If so I will tell two Swedish publishers that they ought to contact you ASAP.

BTW I ´d like to know, if possible, if any German or other publishers have approached you. They certainly should have.

Best regards,

Lars Gyllenhaal