Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn News - 2011

About a month ago I had the opportunity to be interviewed on author Joseph Valentinetti's blog. When I received the questions for the interview, I knew that I wasn't the person to answer I answered in Georg's name. After all, who knew him better than I? It was challenging and fun.

Today I received word that the blog is up and, for me, reading it was almost like having a conversation with Georg once again. I hope you will enjoy it too!  Here's the link:

It's also exciting and very satisfying to report that the primary stage of a major project was completed in August. Manuel and Marino, the two wonderful University of Guadalajara photography students, completed a year of visits to Los Dos, during which time they photographed, cataloged and retouched Georgs over 600 hundred drawings. These are housed in a beautiful cabinet that Georg had made during his final year. Together with our Mari, they spent afternoons organizing the drawings. Georg had always said, "The drawing is the first inspiration. Everything else...the oils, serigraphs, et. al. comes from the drawing."

 I have already begun on the next stage, my job, of selecting photos for albums and adding text. This will then be available on the internet for students or any who have a special love for pencil or charcoal on paper.

I tried to download tonight a few of the drawings, but managed to lose (3 times) both blog and fotos, so I'll leave that for another day.